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Updating your ISO or VEEP management system

Updating your ISO 14001 EMS; ISO 9001 QMS or for Virginia the Virginia Environmental Excellence Program (VEEP) is easier than you may think.
If your organization has fallen behind in maintaining its system(s) or program(s), assistance is available to help you re-establish and maintain your program(s).

Many organizations experience changes that impact their ability to maintain their ISO program, especially conducting internal audits. These changes can include personnel roles and responsibilities or staff reductions. Other organizations were not able to continue the level of resources needed to transition to the new 2015 standard including budget shortfalls. Breathing new life back into your program is much easier to do given the strong base program you already have.

Gregori Consulting has the experience to assist you in identifying gaps between your program and the new standard and conduct internal auditing in conjunction with your staff or independently to get you back on track quickly.
Important steps to restart: (1) Renew Senior Management’s commitment to the program, (2) Establish (re-establish) your management system team, (3) become knowledgeable of the new standard’s requirements, (4) assign roles and responsibilities, (5) conduct a gap assessment to see where you stand, (6) update and revise existing documents or create new documents to meet the new standard, (7) train your staff and contractors, (8) implement the program, (8) schedule and conduct audits, undertake corrective action, and finally (9) maintain all of your documents and records. Once your program is up and running again, you can schedule a registration audit or similar audit to meet your requirements.