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Integrating Safety Into Your Management Systems

Recently several organizations have inquired about integrating safety systems into their existing management systems – whether Quality or Environmental. Some organizations are driven by a SAFETY ISO requirement (ISO 45001) or other System (the Virginia Environmental Excellence Program – VEEP), or a desire to promote best management practices (BMP’s) for improved performance and cost savings… a critical bottom line issue. In response to these inquiries organizations SHOULD indeed undertake integration of safety programs and they may choose one of several paths to accomplish this goal, especially to improve coordination of management systems.¬† In any case, integration may be as simple as assisting you and your team in identifying gaps in your current programs and facilitating updates and changes, or more complex training activities to build a new system with combined operations, i.e safety and environment. Before you begin, (a) meet with your team or create a small assessment team to define your goals and timeframe and determine initially what questions you have about moving forward, (b) determine if you have the resources in place to move forward yourself (i.e. existing management system team), or (c) If you do not have a team, identify key players in your organization and form a team and identify your resources – staffing, funding, authority, time frame, operational constraints, and commitment of upper management – based on new standards, upper management SUPPORT and PARTICIPATION are critical to the success of your program, (d) Identify gaps in your management system based on the requirements of each standard (this is where outside assistance will definitely improve you efficiency in integrating programs), (e) change documents and procedures, (f) implement changes and specifically conduct training on the changes and audit the effectiveness of the training, (g) monitor programs and make changes as needed (corrective actions), (h) Report to Senior Management on progress and continue your program activities (PLAN, DO, CHECK, ACT).¬†Gregori Consulting LLC is prepared to assist you with assessing your current status and recommending the most efficient and effective path to meet your goals.